Accessible Kitchens

Kitchen Renovations for Accessibility

The kitchen is the most utilized area in your home. It is important to carefully design and build an accessible kitchen that works for you and your family. At In-Trend Home Solutions, we can modify your kitchen into a safe, inviting place to gather with family and friends!

If you’re looking for a more accessible way to get around your kitchen, we can help. We can offer roll-under sinks and cooktops, lowered or raised cabinetry, and custom accessible cabinet design. We can design motion-sensor sink tap and kitchen cabinetry. We can also install grab bars in your kitchen to help you move around. With In Trend Home Solutions Inc.,  we offer everything and the kitchen sink!

Accessible Kitchen Renovations

What Is an Accessible Kitchen?

Accessible kitchens are designed to provide a safe and comfortable experience for individuals with disabilities. These individuals include wheelchair users, people with mobility impairments, and those who have difficulty with balance or strength. They often have trouble using conventional kitchen designs because of these limitations. There are many different ways that an accessible kitchen can be designed depending on the person’s specific needs such as appropriately sized drawers, sink handles, ovens along with cabinets and shelves in order to accommodate this need.

Fortunately, there are a number of innovative products, and options for redesigning kitchens to make them friendlier for individuals with physical limitations. Some examples of these are power door openers, specially designed sinks and cabinets with pull-outs for accessibility. And there are also many easy to use items such as a light switch that can be operated by a single finger or an oven with large text on the knob so it’s easier to discover the settings.

If you have similar questions and are looking into remodelling your kitchen but want something more friendly towards those in wheelchairs please give us a call! We have many years of experience designing kitchens and know what is needed when making them accessible. Book In-Trend Home Solutions for accessible kitchen designs today!

The questions we ask when designing an Accessible Kitchen Layout are:

  • What features and products will need to be installed in order for the kitchen layout to work?
  • How should storage cabinets, shelves or drawers be designed so that they are usable by everyone?
  • Are there any electrical outlets/sockets which might need modification as well? If so where would you put them specifically?


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