With over a quarter of the population being seniors and entering their golden years we at In-Trend Home Solutions found a need to make our home safer as we age. Failure to consider and invest in your home as part of a health care plan will often result in institutional care. Records indicate that 40% of admissions to nursing homes are related to falls in the home. Due to the growing costs of institutional care, a more cost effective approach is to modify your current home.

Our Belief is that seniors would like to stay in their current home that you built so many lasting memories in. We at In-Trend Home Solutions can provide home modification solutions to improve the lifestyles & accessibility for seniors in their homes. We assess what modifications your home will need, and we will only do the modifications that are necessary at this time. With effective modifications to your bathroom, kitchen, hallways and entrances we can increase the value of your home while modifying it to be a safer place for seniors to live.

Accessible Design & Renovation Services:



  • Roll-in or low threshold showers

  • Comfort height toilets

  • Roll-under vanities

  • Grab bars, toilets, taps and other accessible accessories



  • Roll-under sinks & cooktops

  • Lowered or raised cabinetry

  • Custom accessible cabinet design

Hallways, Stairs & Lighting


  • Motion-activated lighting

  • Light switches and electrical outlets Placed in accessible locations

  • Additional light fixtures throughout the home and exterior entrances

  • Handrails in corridors

  • Stair/wheelchair lifts and elevators

Decks, Entrances & Doorways

  • Threshold decks & ramps

  • Widening doorways

  • Barn style doors, pocket doors



  • We work with engineers, licensed designers and city inspectors to make sure the structural integrity of every project is of the highest concern

Tax Credits & Grants Available for Home Modifications:

Ontario Renovates Program

  • The Ontario Renovates Program helps residents of Ontario make needed repairs using a combination of forgivable loans and grants. By investing just a bit of time in the application process, you can receive significant financial help. 

  • To find more information if your renovations are eligible please visit


Veteran Affairs Canada


  • Some financial assistance may be available for those that qualify

  • Contact VAC for more details or visit


March of Dimes


  • Some financial assistance may be available for those that qualify

  • For more details visit