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A roll-in shower is a convenient bath installation for individuals who have difficulty standing. The design of the equipment allows users to enter the shower from their wheelchair, walker or other mobility device. Roll-in showers are also an excellent solution for anyone with limited mobility due to age, injury or disability. Let’s go over the benefits of installing a roll-in shower in your home!

Quality roll in showers

prevent falls and increase independence

A roll-in shower is designed to be barrier free, which means anyone can use it regardless of physical ability. Imagine being able to roll right into the shower without ever having to step over a raised lip or worry about slipping on wet tile. The floor slopes down so that water drains away easily, and there are no obstacles in your way. The three main reasons people invest in a roll in shower are:

Accessible Shower

Roll-In Shower Installation

In-Trend Makes Showering Accessible To All

Roll-in shower installation can be a convenient option for seniors and disabled individuals. Not only is the process simple, but it also helps create an environment where these people are able to enjoy their leisure time in comfort. Individuals in a wheelchair must still maneuver into a seat built into the tub to bathe, unlike a roll-in shower. Roll-in showers can feature fold-down bench seating , soap dishes and hand-held showerheads for showering in a wheelchair. Fold-down seating allows disabled individuals without a wheelchair to use the roll-in shower as well. The roll-in shower allows disabled or elderly homeowners to live an independent lifestyle.

The first step is to measure the walk-in dimensions of your tub or current bathroom area. Once you have that information, it’s time to determine what type of liner will work best for you. When you’ve decided on the type of liner for your walk-in shower, it’s time to have a professional come out and determine what kind of fittings are needed. The specific type and style of accessible ramp with handrails and seating options are customized to your requirements.

Getting started is easy. Just reach out to the professionals at In Trend Home Solutions! If your elderly or disabled family members need a roll-in shower installation, you’re in luck. With our help, the process is simple and easy. In addition to being safer for individuals with mobility limitations, they are also cost-effective solutions. Roll in showers have extreme ease of use for caregivers and family members as well as minimized water damage and mold growth because there is no bathtub. Don’t compromise on quality and safety in your home. Contact us today if this sounds like it may work for you!


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