Title insurance restoration

Our Qualifications

  • We have closed hundreds of title insurance files of varying sizes and types across southwestern Ontario.
  • We handle all permit-related issues and take care of any applications required by building departments, by-law enforcement and conservation authority.
  • We are on-site and complete all construction and renovations required while working with designers, engineers, government officials and tradesmen.
  • We work directly with homeowners and adjusters to make a smooth transition through the process of inspections and work required to close permits.
  • We provide complete project management of all construction work and permit processes.
  • All work completed is in compliance with up-to-date local building codes

Types of Claims

Title insurance is a type of insurance policy protecting resident owners as well as their lenders, against losses related to the property’s title, or ownership. We deal with several types of title insurance claims, as listed below.

Orders to comply

An 'Order to Comply' is a document issued to a property owner regarding a violation of Property Standards. If you receive an Order to Comply, contact us to help you meet the Property Standard requirements.

Work completed without permits

You need a work permit to make renovations or repairs or add to a building. In order to prevent hefty fines, and penalties contact us with your title insurance claim inquiry.

Open permits

These remain with the property, despite any change in ownership. Whether you are purchasing a new home with permit, or have an open construction permit on your home, contact us to help with your title clam.

Minor variances

These are changes made to a performance standard under a zoning by-law. We can help you work with your minor variance claim, and complete the work needed.

Zoning and by-law enforcement

Zoning refers to municipal or local laws or regulations that dictate how real property can and cannot be used. Let us help you understand property zoning and make a plan for your construction project.

Conservation authority enforcement

A conservation easement is a legal tool that allows landowners to preserve the natural attributes of their land. Let us help you with your title claim in order to preserve your land and complete the required construction.

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