Benefits Of Entrances & Doorways Renos For Seniors

  Canadian seniors want to stay in their homes! The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation found that 90% of older Canadians prefer to “age in place.” It’s something future generations will want, too, but a 2019 Angus Reid survey found that 67% of Canadians are concerned about future mobility issues. Diminishing fears related to mobility …

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair Accessible Home Renos That Can Make Your Life Easier

  If you or a loved one must use a wheelchair, moving about the house will no longer be the same. That doesn’t mean living in your home has to be difficult, though. Technology and contractors who specialize in home accessibility have made getting quality renovations much more manageable. Here are wheelchair accessible home renos …

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Why Choose Accessibility Services For Seniors?

When it comes to making a home more accessible, not all needs are alike. People require different accessibility upgrades depending on the type and severity of mobility issues they have. Why should seniors choose In-Trend accessibility services? It can make a huge difference for safety, comfort, and long-term stability. 

accessibility full bathroom modification in london ontario

Accessibility Bathroom Pros

Making a bathroom more accessible can be one of the smartest home modifications. While it’s an ideal renovation project for those experiencing mobility issues and who want to age in their home, it’s also appropriate for forward-thinking homeowners! Here are three major pros to having an accessibility-focused bathroom.  

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