Why Choose Accessibility Services For Seniors?

When it comes to making a home more accessible, not all needs are alike. People require different accessibility upgrades depending on the type and severity of mobility issues they have. Why should seniors choose In-Trend accessibility services? It can make a huge difference for safety, comfort, and long-term stability. 

Accessibility Services Help Seniors Stay Safe


SeniorAround the home, many hazards can put those with mobility issues at risk. Uneven carpets and thresholds, poor lighting conditions, slippery floors, clutter, and many other everyday features make the home difficult to navigate for seniors who have challenges moving about already.

Falls are a common injury that often lands seniors in the hospital. Luckily, with the right accessibility services, they are preventable! Choosing the best accessibility additions, having the proper safeguards in place at home, and ensuring they’re all added professionally means seniors can avoid these types of injuries and hospital visits.


Accessibility Services Keep Homes Up To Code


It’s necessary to recognize that ageing is a progression; as such, home accessibility services must consider needs that will come about years from now as well as those of today. If you or a loved one is considering home modifications for the first time, doing them with both present and future accessibility in mind is essential. 

A proper accessibility contractor will not just work with you but with lawyers, health professionals, realtors and property managers. They should have a lot of experience dealing with time-sensitive work while abiding by all local codes.


Accessibility Services Help Seniors Age In Place


Senior at homeContinuing to live at home rather than moving into an assisted living facility is known as “aging in place.” For most Canadians 65 and older, it’s a preferable situation to the alternative, and most continue to live in their homes rather than in retirement homes and other assisted-living facilities. However, to stay safe and provide peace of mind to family, friends, and caregivers, seniors should call for professional accessibility services.

Making ageing in place work means having the supports and services a senior will need to live safely and independently in their home or the community of their choice for as long as they wish and are able. As we’ve mentioned above, accessibility services can take the future in mind, but our team can add the modifications to the home as needs dictate. In this day and age, seniors with a wide range of health and mobility issues have many options for continuing their life at home!


Accessibility Services Can Save Seniors Money!


Seniors in Ontario can use accessibility services to save money on home renovations. The provincial government revealed the Seniors’ Home Safety Tax Credit last year, which will help seniors make their homes more accessible and safer and help them invest in their goal of ageing in place. The tax credit is worth 25 percent of up to $10,000 in eligible expenses for a principal residence in Ontario, and $2,500 is the maximum receivable credit.

At In-Trend, our goal is to modify residential buildings to improve accessibility and independence for seniors. We arrange residential designs and accessories for people with various needs. If you’re ready to choose accessibility services for your home, call us today!

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